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Social and economic empowerment program

The Social and economic empowerment program implemented within the framework of the current action plan focuses on the promotion of different activities which help in regenerating local communities while providing marginalized women, youths and indigenous  people with opportunities for self reliance and the promotion of cost effective initiatives for poverty alleviation.  Specific projects implemented within the framework of this program includes:

  • Intensive Vocational training: This project trains at least 150 women and youths every year and assists at least 50 % of them to set up micro enterprises after the training received. CCREAD-Cameroon has already established two training centers across Cameroon and is working on establishing more training units and developing the training programs into full time vocational schools for the social and economic empowerment of marginalized women and youths across Cameroon.
  • Assisting communities through Sustainable Agricultural promotion activities: Within this program, CCREAD-Cameroon focuses on establishing women and youth farming groups which are legalized and registered as Common Initiative Groups (CIGs) and Cooperative Societies. Through these groups, the organization supports them through the provision of targeted training modules on different forms of environmentally and cost effective agriculture and finally helps these groups in setting up the farms which are closely monitored and evaluated jointly.

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