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Mbi Kitzito Nchaffu is an individual who hails from the Manyu division of Cameroon. He was born on the 28 January 2002 in Okonyong-Mamfe to the Mbi’s family of late Mr Mbi Mbi Rudolf who was a forester and driver by profession, and Mrs Mbi Lydia who is a Nurse. In a family of 6 children, Mbi is the 5th. Mbi was relocated to the Ndian division of Cameroon to a little village (Bekora-Barombi) upon the transfer of his mother where he attended Dorothy-Benson Nursery school in 2007 and finally attained his first school certificate in Catholic School Bekora-Barombi in 2011. He was then sent to Buea where he attended Saint Joseph’s College Sasse and attained his ordinary level in 2016. He continued his high school in Saint Joseph’s College Sasse and attained his Advanced level certificate in 2018. He was admitted into the University of Buea in 2018 to study political science and comparative politics in the faculty of Laws and Political science.

Mbi is a man with his own ideologies and points of view, moved by his love for good governance, leadership and communism. He served as the sanitation prefect during his stay in saint Joseph’s college Sasse, and has attended many seminars and workshops, as well as trainings geared towards leadership, good governance and political issues, Some of which include The faculty of Laws and Political science workshop on Leadership and Good governance, The PCC 3days workshop on peace and conflict management, The youths initiative for inclusive dialogue seminar on peace keeping, amongst others.

Mbi is currently a level 400 student of the university of Buea studying political science and comparative politics, the Welfare officer of the Political Science Student’s Association, he is also the assistant secretary general of the University of Buea commonwealth club, and as well he works with Orange Cameroon, he is an intern in The Center for Community Regeneration And Development (CCREAD-Cameroon) where is gathering knowledge and experience on community development and management.

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