Rise 4 Nature Program

Integrated Biodiversity Conservation education


The Rise for Nature Program (RNP) is an integrated conservation program which was initiated and launched by CCREAD-Cameroon volunteers in 2012. The primary objective of the program is to mobilize and engage local communities for effective conservation and protection of biodiversity through sensitization, education, advocacy and the creation of community led structures. The program specifically runs projects such as;

  • Integrated Biodiversity Conservation education
  • Creation of community forestry and wildlife conservation groups around National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries
  • Conducting research on the balance between conservation and sustainable livelihoods
  • Training of Hunters and illegal and indiscriminate biodiversity exploiters on alternative sources of income generation
  • Educating indigenous forest community members on the provisions of the 1994 Forestry and wildlife laws and other international regulations
  • Climate change education,  and adaptation