Practical Information

Centre for Community Regeneration and Development understands that accepting to render community services without payment qualifies local and international volunteers the major drivers of social change and therefore is always ready to facilitate the process for volunteers. Once you have accepted to come and join the program team in Cameroon, please consider the following and request further information before you apply;

  • As a volunteer, you are part of the team and though you are not paid, you enjoy full rights as a team member of the organization
  • You should be flexible and practical enough to think of implementing a personal project in line with the general objectives of the organization. The management is always ready to work with you on this
  • At some point in the course of service, the organization will expose you to other local partner organizations so that you can be involved in different projects and have the possibility of visiting many locations
  • Airport transfer to the project location is the responsibility of the organization including transportation to all project related activities. The volunteer is in charge of subsistence but the organization will periodically assist once the means is available.
  • Be ready to come for at least two months either as an individual, family or group, but each participant should be at least 19 years old.