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Efuetlaka Ateh Pergy was born on the 23rd of June 1999 in a city called kumba where he grew up and attented a primary school called Frank- Memorial and in class four, he left and went to Hope Bilingual where he had his First school living certificate. In his secondary school days, he went to Diligent Bilingual Academy still in kumba and he was a lover of football. His love for football made him found himself in to the school national team in form five and in lower six; he was elected as the sport prefect. He did Arts and finally got his GCE Ordinary and Advance level in Diligent in the year 2017\2018. After his secondary school days, he went to the University of Buea taking political science as his field of study. While in the University of Buea he exposes himself to the world as he joined associations such as the Commonwealth Club University of Buea, attended conferences on Gender based violence, youth initiative for inclusive dialogue toward the Anglophone crisis and other Humanitarian activities and workshops with the American Conner University of Buea in which certificates were all given.  He is currently an intern student in CCREAD-Cameroon .Efuetlaka Ateh Pergy lives in Molyko Buea and a final year student in the University of Buea

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