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From January 2016 following repeated calls and requests from communities, CCREAD-Cameroon started the Humanitarian Response program.  This is one of the leading programs which identifies and supports internationally displaced persons (IDPs) and their host communities. The holistic program currently covers 117 IDP host communities, and also works to rebuild many affected communities. From 2016 to present, the program has reached 6,410 women, 9,371 affected children and orphans, with 186 families benefiting from educational and basic health support. The program currently implements the following activities

  • Providing food and non-food items to internally displaced families
  • Supporting internally displaced pregnant women and orphans
  • Psychosocial support and counselling of victims of acts of violence and marginalization
  • Enrolling internally displaced children into schools within host communities
  • Free vocational training of women and youths who lost their source of livelihoods as a result of the ongoing socio-political crisis
  • Supporting affected families through sustainable agriculture

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