CCREAD vows to kick-out unsafe abortion and to preclude rape

In Cameroon, abortion is authorized only when the woman’s life is in danger or in cases of rape and incest. But paradoxically, some 36 Cameroonian women out of 1000 aged between 15 and 44 years undertake abortion on a yearly basis. Most of these abortions are carried out in unauthorized places by unqualified persons, putting the lives of these women in danger. Consequently, up to 46000 women have been identified as needing healthcare after abortion every year.

Astonishingly, 80% of abortions are done rudimentary and in unsafe medical facilities. Induced abortions account for up to 13% of Maternal Mortality in Cameroon (ACMS, 2017).

Recently, the blame game has turned the tide with girls and women being victimized and accused for spurring rape, which is a scenario that is receiving mixed debates, with patriarchy dominating.

Reversing the status-quo

It is against this backdrop that CCREAD decided to organize a training and information session to treat these two social vices that have been undermined albeit their far reaching repercussions physically and psychologically.

About 30 women and adolescence attended this training session and shall act as peer educator in their different niches and areas of influence.

CCREAD co-organized a Training for Trainers session In Macedonia

Training Session II on the Erasmus + project on Glabal Citizenship Education

From the 14-22 of January, CCREAD sent a team of 4 members to acquire training on global citizenship education in Skopje, Macedonia.

This training was aimed at equipping the participants on tools and techniques of advocacy and how to counter violent radicalization. This will culminate with a global toolkit of global citizenship education for furture trainers in the organization

Video presentation on using social media for advocacy.

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