Currently, Centre for Community Regeneration and Development is accepting applications from local and international volunteers willing to serve in at least 2 of the following areas of interest;

  • Village and community Development Planning. CCREAD-Cameroon needs additional hands to organize meetings with village people to identify their problems, and design an action plan on how to solve the pressing problems of the local people
  • Computer training and Vocational skills for children, youths and women. Here volunteers as individuals or in groups can organize computer classes for children through schools and during holidays, train women and adults on computer application, leadership and entrepreneurship for youths/women
  • Human rights education and advocacy/Civic education. This is another area which needs many international volunteers who teach human rights in schools; organize community base and regional human rights educational and advocacy workshops. There are over 30 schools registered with us which needs human rights educator and civic education for youths.
  • Leadership and governance education through schools
  • Family planning in rural villages and through schools
  • Fundraising; searching for grants and other funding sources to support CCREAD’s many activities and finding donors for the sponsorship program;
  • Environmental education in secondary schools. To prepare materials and organize lecture sessions in schools on top environmental management issues
  • Peer Education setting up and running peer education workshops with young people around the South West Region and conducting follow-up to make sure that the participants are passing on their newly-acquired information;
  • Community sports for development conveying the message of HIV/AIDS, PMCTCTs addressing other important social issues through sports;
  • Livelihood Project working on behalf of villagers to get needed advice from experts, helping to find new ways for villagers to supplement their incomes, and fundraising to help get their projects started
  • For highly professional volunteers, You can apply to serve as a program or specific project coordinator/Associate while a volunteer is also free to apply as a fundraising Manage , Click CCREAD-Cameroon-Volunteer-Application-form-new . Fill and send via