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In times of sociopolitical, economic and health crises, people turn to live in constant fear of
uncertainties with the worry of how to meet their basic needs being at utmost priority. The
ongoing sociopolitical crisis in Cameroon and global COVID-19 pandemic has indeed further
exposed the vulnerability of communities in the country, thus the need for more humanitarian
assistance. Humanitarians are continuously concerned about the impact of the sociopolitical
crisis and the health pandemic on the most-vulnerable, particularly people with disabilities
and families who rely on casual daily labor and lack alternative sources of income. Thus,
while implementing activities to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, humanitarians continue to
respond to other ongoing and emerging humanitarian needs. It is in this regard that CCREAD-
Cameroon carried out a humanitarian response to provide food items, reusable sanitary napkins,
hand sanitizers, soap, reusable face masks, as well as condoms to reduce the spread of STDs in
the Mombo community of the Littoral region which is a host to several internally displaced
persons (IDPs). This humanitarian assistance is believed to have gone a long way in contributing
to the achievement of SDG 2 (Zero hunger), SDG 3 (good health and well being) and SDG 6
(Clean water and sanitation), hence a sustainable future for all.

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