Centre for Community Regeneration and Development

(CCREAD-Cameroon) is a nonprofit organization active in Cameroon since 2006 in the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of community driven programs and projects aimed at fostering the social and economic empowerment of marginalized and disadvantaged children, women and youths merged with the promotion of environmental sustainability. The organization gained United Nations Special Consultative Status in April 2015 and won the UNESCO Japan Prize on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). Centre for Community Regeneration and Development runs five main programs and two Coordination offices in Cameroon. CCREAD-Cameroon is a member of UNOY Peace builders, UN Global Compact and a current Global Action Program (GAP) partner on ESD with UNESCO

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to foster sustainable development and to completely eradicate extreme poverty in Cameroon by 2022 as per our 5 years action plan (2017-2022). The slightest “big push” will alleviate extreme poverty and hunger in most rural communities in Cameroon. This is exactly what we intend to achieve.

Our Mission

  • Promote education for all;
  • Training, capacity building and non formal education;
  • Promote Payment for Ecosystem Services and other Bottom-up conservation strategies
  • Promote lasting partnerships and cooperation for development.

Our core values

  • Inclusion;
  • Gender equity;
  • Empowerment and sensitization;
  • Community development and sense of commitment;
  • Protection of nature;

Our Programs


Our Partners